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School shooting fear porn? Gruesome imagery used to get people's attention (and sell clothes) inspires backlash
€Alexa, buy politician X€? ROBOTS could soon be meddling in 2020 election as Amazon allows users to DONATE via voice assistant
Who is Robert C. O€Brien: Replacing John Bolton, where does Trump€s new security advisor stand on matters of war and peace?
Trump the peacemaker? Donald says attacking Iran would be too €EASY,€ calls restraint a €sign of strength€ as others drum up WAR
Area 51 has €secrets that deserve to be protected,€ US Air Force top brass warns €stormers€
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NFL quarterback gets $1mn €penis puppet€ endorsement offer from porn site
Bumping into Beckham: UFC champ Khabib meets England legend at PSG-Real Champions League game
Former Rangers & Zenit star Fernando Ricksen dies aged 43 after battle with motor neurone disease
WATCH: Juve star Higuain LOSES IT in training as he kicks coach and destroys advertising board
Neymar's Champions League ban for €f*ck yourselves€ rant reduced to 2 matches

Bercow made €my life HELL€: Former British PM David Cameron reveals
€Totally improper & desperate€: Salmond blasts ex-UK PM Cameron for €begging€ Queen for Scottish Indyref help
The great Brexit exodus? Polish ambassador€s plea to his UK-based citizens to come back home
€Insult to British people€: Ex-UK PM Cameron€s claim that Britain needed €more€ austerity blasted by Galloway
Risk of no-deal Brexit €very real€ but would be UK government€s €choice€ - EU€s Juncker

Former NHL star Greg Johnson died from self-inflicted gunshot wound - autopsy
Lebanon investigators say Israeli drones were €on attack mission€
PSG's credentials & travel-sick Liverpool: 5 things we learned from the opening Champions League games
News sales pitch? US makes the world€s €finest€ anti-air systems, but sometimes they just don€t work, Pompeo explains
Mystery behind China€s €Loch Ness monster€ has finally been revealed€ or has it? (VIDEOS)

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