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Trumps doctor says he was not treated for any urgent issue at check-up amid surgery rumors
Meth. Were on it: Oddly-worded South Dakota drug awareness campaign breaks bad on social media
Are we the baddies? NBC chief foreign correspondent tweets amazement to find US foreign policy not always great
Trump 'likes the idea' of testifying in impeachment 'hoax' to get Congress 'focused'
Gunman opens fire at backyard party in Fresno, California, 4 people killed
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'Raging Bullsh*t!' Boris Johnson battered online for 'Brexit' boxing session at Tyson Fury's gym
'A f*cking disgrace of a journalist': Football manager loses job after swearing 58 TIMES in spectacular rant at BBC reporters
'That highlight's going viral!' Former UFC star Ross Pearson knocked out by spectacular 'rolling thunder' heel kick (VIDEO)
'Im not at the end of my story': NBA star LeBron James plans to play until he 'can't walk no more'
'Bazooka arms' MMA fighter Kirill Tereshin to undergo surgery to remove potentially deadly bicep enhancements

Jesus would not get a UK visa under proposed immigration system, says Archbishop of Canterbury
Gavin Williamson and Brussels sprouts: The recipe for killing a joke stone dead
Car crash waiting to happen: Union of UK academics says you can identify as any race & sex, gets slammed as nonsensical
Prince Andrews I dont sweat & Pizza Express excuses trigger avalanche of memes as he denies Epstein sex scandal links
Activists in UK inflate GIANT BREAST in front of Facebook HQ to protest nipple censorship

Sweden drops Assange rape investigation - prosecution authority
Norwegian anti-Islam rally turns violent over KORAN BURNING
EU cant defend Europe: Stoltenberg takes aim at Macrons brain-dead NATO
Luis Enrique returns as Spain manager after tragic death of 9-year-old daughter, but sacked Moreno 'feels betrayed'
LISTEN: The sound of Earth being lashed by solar storm will haunt your nightmares

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